Top Operated

Clear-lacquered natural pine
GLL 1061

Our new top-operated roof window with exceptionally affordable 3-layer pane makes it possible for you to future-proof your home without compromising quality. Combined with our innovative ThermoTechnology™ insulation system and special gasket you get a window with excellent insulation properties.

The unique top control bar makes it suitable for most installation heights, and the very top operation allows you to place a desk or sofa underneath and still comfortably open the window.

All-year weather resistance 
Fresh air even when locked
Easy cleaning position
Prepared for click-on blinds
Extra sound insulation
Extra draught protection gasket
Energy-efficient 3-layer pane Uw 1.1

The innovative economy-friendly 3-layer pane makes improved energy efficiency more affordable. With an u-value as low as 1.1 it helps keeping your home warm, and enhances your indoor comfort.

Our Standard Plus windows all have ThermoTechnology™ fitted. This unique insulation system gives you an extra powerful and energy-efficient shield against the wind and cold air, keeping your home warm.

If you want the comfort of operating your top-operated Standard Plus roof window at the touch of a button, you can easily upgrade it to electrical, remote control with our add-on KMG electrical motor and KUX remote control. Only for top-operated windows

Upgrade your manual roof window to automatic control

For basic control of a single motor, e.g. a window-opener, a roller blind or an awning blind, choose our single-motor control system.

Vali õige katuseaknamudel ja paigalduskõrgus.

Enamasti soovitame osta ülalt avatava katuseakna. Katuseaken paigaldatakse katusesse ideaalsel juhul madalale (alates 90 cm kõrgusele põrandapinnast) – see annab suurepärase vaate ümbrusele, võimaldades samas akna alla mööblit paigutada.

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