Sizes and roofing materials

The new classic roof window GVR comes with separate flashing EDW to match roofs tiled with Classic Danish pantiles. The specially designed flashing EDW fits the classic tile type perfectly at the sides, the top and the bottom. 

Installation in flat roofing materials like slate roofs is done using separate flashing EDL. The thickness of the slates must be between 4 mm and 10 mm. For other roof types, please contact VELUX NN on telephone no. XX XX XX XX.

   Zinc cover
Surface   White painted White painted   Base treatment* Base treatment* 
Roofing material  Tile  Slate  Tile  Slate

Size (W x H in cm)
6-tile window
49.5 x 55  3K2
 Please contact VELUX customer service for prices
9-tile window
49.5 x 80  3K3
 Please contact VELUX customer service for prices
Delivery time  6 weeks  6 weeks
 6 weeks
 6 weeks
Roof pitch  30°-55°  30°-55°
*The GVR roof window with base treatment must be painted with suitable paint or oil no later than a month after installation.

The GVR roof window and flashings are also available in copper