European survey by the VELUX Group

On comfort, energy and environment in European homes – what do 14.000 Europeans say about health, home and energy?

5 steps to get a healthy home

This years Healthy Homes Barometer identify five areas as being important to our health and energy level.


Ensure good sleeping conditions

Good sleeping conditions require comfortable temperatures, 100% darkness, peace and quiet. When implemented, more than 50% feel they have more energy.


Strive for comfortable temperatures

Comfortable indoor temperatures means a pleasant chill in the summer and a less than warm environment in the winter. A cold environment doubles the risk of nose and throat symptoms.


Let in fresh air

Fresh air is provided by windows and door openings. No airing doubles the risk of feeling tired and apathetic compared to 2-4 airings per day.


Let in daylight

Daylight is ensured by strategically placed façade and roof windows. When daylight levels change from unsatisfactory to satisfactory, the amount of people feeling less energized drop from 37% to 21%.


Avoid humidity

Avoid excessive humidity to reduce the risk of mould and fungus. Mould and fungus can lead to asthma and respiratory symptoms.

What we do to make our homes healthy

The top 3 strategies to create a healthy indoor environment is to avoid smoking indoors and to air and clean frequently. Some European homeowners do more to maintain a good indoor climate than others.


Frequent airing, no smoking indoors and cleaning.

VELUX demonstration buildings are healthy homes

Affordable energy renovation – a real life example

The first affordable and easy to reproduce climate renovation in Brussels. RenovActive is an accessible concept to all and easy to reproduce, both financially and technically.

Room gallery – inspiration for better living

See how you can add more daylight and natural ventilation into your home by adding VELUX roof windows in specific rooms.

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Sensing the benefits

Watch the film to uncover all the benefits of a great indoor climate.
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