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This renovation and loft conversion breathed new life into an apartment in need of updating.
Marie and Julien purchased this property which was comprised over one floor, but could immediately see the potential of the unused attic above, so decided to undertake a loft conversion.

They decided on a traditional layout with the communal living space on the lower floor and bedrooms upstairs. What resulted was a complete overhaul of the apartment from top to bottom.

To meet requirements set by the local council, the roof windows were placed in line with the existing vertical windows. The architect opted to position them high in the roof to maximise the amount of light entering the new living spaces.

Clever storage solutions were incorporated in the design to maximise space and utilise as much of the footprint of the loft as possible. 

The design of the new loft bathroom was carefully thought out, with placement of the bathroom suite primarily dictated by the available headroom.

A highly efficient insulating material was used to keep the roof construction thin and showcase the existing beams in the roof of the bedroom. 

The bright colour scheme is another trick used to bounce light around the loft conversion.Positioning the roof windows on either side of the roof allows for excellent cross ventilation, contributing to the fresh feeling of the room.